Each year, EMMA Concert Association names a scholarship recipient in Flagler College’s music program. We are honored and delighted to announce that Walker Mullin is our latest recipient. Here is what Walker had to say about the scholarship ???? ???? ???? “I am very grateful to be the recipient of EMMA Concert Association’s scholarship funds for voice lessons. I have been studying Musical Theatre and music at Flagler College and am now a senior. I have also been taking voice lessons with voice teacher Professor Weinberg and it has been one of the best parts of my Flagler experience. Before I came to Flagler, I had no experience with theatre nor professional singing lessons. However, at Flagler, I have been able to pursue my passion of becoming a well-rounded artist. With this scholarship, I can continue taking voice lessons until my last semester here. Before I began voice lessons, I struggled financially to figure out a way to pursue studying music at Flagler. However, the support from these scholarship funds has gifted me with the opportunity to do so. I am extremely grateful for Professor Taisey and the EMMA Concert Association for recognizing me and I am so grateful for this opportunity to continue studying what I am so passionate about.” ???? Well done, Walker!! We commend you for pursuing your dreams and showing us just how impactful the work that EMMA does in our community is to young musicians such as you. Best of luck on a bright, music-filled future!!