EMMA Concert Association

The EMMA Concert Association

The EMMA Concert Association brings a variety of classical concerts and events to St. Augustine throughout the year. From the Gainesville Orchestra to the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, we offer a variety of musical selections for every age range.

History of EMMA Concert Association

“EMMA has always been a nonprofit all-volunteer organization with a mission to produce quality music and dance performances at modest ticket prices.”

Although EMMA has been doing business for years as the EMMA Concert Association, the organization’s original name was Emil Maestre Music Association. Started by a small group of music lovers, among them Frieda Bringmann and Irene and Peter Allemano in April 1979, the organization was named after a famous Spanish cellist, Emil Maestre, who retired to St. Augustine. EMMA was incorporated in September of the same year. EMMA has always been a nonprofit all-volunteer organization with a mission to produce quality music and dance performances at modest ticket prices. Since then the organization has lived up to this commitment and never failed. The volunteers serving on the EMMA board of Directors change as times goes by, but they all embrace the work with the same enthusiasm and spirit of accomplishment that bonds the group together.


“In 1993 EMMA found a permanent place for its performances at the Lewis Auditorium at Flagler College”

Originally EMMA Concert Association held concerts in many different places in St. Augustine including the Lightner Museum, the Presbyterian Church, Kirk Auditorium (The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind), the Episcopal Church and the Riverview Club; it was not until 1993 that EMMA found a permanent place for its performances. After forming a partnership with Flagler College, the Lewis Auditorium at Flagler College has become EMMA’s home for all musical concerts and events.

For the 2022-23 concert season, EMMA will be offering five performances featuring a variety of local, national, and international orchestras. These performances also count as co-curricular events for students of Flagler College.

Flagler College Auditorium

How EMMA Works

The EMMA Board is responsible for programming, finances, ticket sales, concert operations, publicity, advertising, publication of brochures and the EMMA playbill, “Footnotes”.  Also among the Board’s duties are Sponsorship and the ‘Gift of Music’ Endowment Fund.  Find out more about these programs and the work EMMA does under Music Education

EMMA Board of Directors


President – Joanne Everett

Vice President & Grants Manager – Philip Garces

Secretary – John Nolton

Treasurer – Jay Grossman


Contracts — Carl Liberatore


Programming Committee & Annual Cruise Fundraiser  – Linda Bartimus

Endowment Funds Treasurer – Helen Smith

Grants – Philip Garces

House Manager – Kathryn Trillas and Joe Moore

Schools Outreach –  Tommy Bledsoe and Kathryn Trillas

Scholarships – Joanne Everett

Painted Violin Project & Surveys – Jean Taliaferro

Sponsorship – Karen Meade

Tickets and Subscriptions – Managed by Guild members Judy and Mike Fegen

Words and Music – Joanne Everett


Financial Advisors – Thompson Baker

Insurance – Herbie Wiles, Inc

Marketing, Social Media and Advertising – Renee Unsworth, Totally St. Augustine

EMMA Guild Officers:

Board Representative – Helen Smith

Secretary – Eileen Chrzanowski

Treasurer – Marian Patrick