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The Teal Cabana Club Band produces a relaxed and smooth version of Jazz Lounge Music, playing old standards with a few fusion pop and show songs tossed into the fedora.

Led by Shari Little, who is the lead vocalist and plays saxophone and flute, the Teal Cabana Club Band includes Dave Partridge on upright bass, Anna DeProspero on keyboards, and John Dickie on percussion. The group is as eclectic as their playlist. Shari is a drama teacher and musician; Anna also plays harpsichord and piano and performs solo and with other groups; Dave can be seen around town playing Americana, folk, and rock with various bands; and John is a well-known singer/songwriter and leader of the John Dickie IV and the Collapsible B.

Together, they are Teal Cabana Club Band, playing everything from “Take Five” to “These Boots are Made for Walking” with a smooth jazz style.

For more, please see their website here

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